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The Indian Cultural Center co-operates with the Thakuri Fundwhich seeks to protect Indian children from abuse and help their development. Vastasyntynyt
Thakuri Fund (Smt. Thakuri Child And Lady Welfare Centre (Regd.))
2/5, Doctor Lane, Gole Market
New Delhi-110001 (India)
fax: Int-91-11-23341918
(Indian Cultural Center
PL 682 00101 Helsinki
p. 09-635 616/050-462 2381
Note! Material aid to the Thakuri Fund can be brought to the India Center (Yrjönkatu 8-10, 00120 Helsinki). It will be forwarded from there.

:: purpose of action  :: action program  :: How you can help

purpose of action
Thakuri is a registered charity organizationwhich helps needy women and children around India by forwarding donations to them and distributing information about family planning in slum districts. Slummilapsia

There are millions of children in India without a possibility to an education or even food and clothing. These children need urgent assistance from good-hearted people who can offer them a life worth living.
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    action program
  • to train children to grow up strong, fearless and good-natured. To help them understand and meet problems and face challenges.
  • to provide children with at least one day in a week of living like a child by organizing games and fun moments in a group, which also gives them a sense of community
  • to educate employees so that the children get better rooms and understanding instead of exploitation and moral and material neglect
  • to assist children financially to continue their studies
  • to help find the children good jobs and get better possibilities
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    How you can help
  • financially to our account: Canara Bank, Padam Singh Road, New Delhi. Account number: SB 22810.
  • materially by donating anything usable. You can bring old clothes and shoes and other things to be delivered in India. Advertising pens, reflectors or stickers are nice gifts for children. We also accept clothes that are in a slightly worse condition. We forward them to the needy.
  • by adopting a child and offering her / him a home and education. The Thakuri Fund helps foster parents in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark in adoption-related matters.
  • by giving your time: our mission is enormous, thus participation in the field work is important. Any period of time you can sacrifice - a day, week, month - is valuable.

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