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Curative substances from the herbs of Himalaya

MO-1 massage oil for general body massage
This oil keeps the body fresh. Massaging it to the skin once a week is very useful. If you have problems with blood pressure, massage your temples and the back of your neck before retiring. Very good for insomnia and as a natural oil for sunbathing and sauna.
100 ml/7,- 250 ml/14,- 500 ml/26,- 1000 ml/49,-

LO-2 massage oil for those with problems in blood circulation of the feet
Massage to the feet and soles and let it work.
100 ml/7,- 250 ml/15,- 500 ml/27,- 1000 ml/50,-

BO-3 massage oil for people suffering from cramps and varicose veins
Massage well to the affected parts and cover with a cotton fabric.
100 ml/7,- 250 ml/16,- 500 ml/28,-

RO-4 massage oil for people suffering from rheumatism and muscle pains
Massage the hurting parts until the oil has absorbed well and for some time after. Then cover the massaged parts with cotton fabric and keep them warm. The best massage time is before retiring, but useful at other times too.
20 ml/7,- 30 ml/10,- 50 ml/14,- 100 ml/26,-

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HO-5 massage oil for the hair
Keeps the hair healthy and strengthens the roots. Prevents hair loss and even grows new hair. Massage well to the roots and let it work for at least 2-3 hours before washing.
20 ml/5,50,- 30 ml/9,- 50 ml/12,- 100 ml/20,-

IO-6 massage oil for people with rash
Cleanse the skin and massage to dry skin.
20 ml/6,- 30 ml/8,-

ET-7 ear oil
Prevents ear illnesses and cleanses the ears.
20 ml/6,- 30 ml/8,-

TP-8 oil for gum and dental pains
Removes pains and cures illnesses when used with T-9 (see below). Mix them together as paste and spread on the hurting part.
20 ml/7,- 30 ml/10,-

T-9 yellow tooth powder
Keeps the teeth and gums clean and healthy. Prevents teeth and gum illnesses.

T-10 black tooth powder
Keeps the teeth and gums clean and healthy.

CNT – oil for impotence

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